Classroom Activities and Educational Technology Coordinator

The Classroom Activities and Educational Technology Coordinator oversees the development, scheduling, and instruction of classroom activities for school groups and the thoughtful incorporation of educational technology to enrich Education Department programs and initiatives. This is a new staff position created in anticipation of expanded programs associated with the construction of the Covenant Learning Center.

General functions:

  • In cooperation with the Indoor Education Manager, Curator of Arts Education and Curator of Horticulture Education, write lesson plans for new classroom activities and revise existing lesson plans as needed, aligning with information presented in docent-led tours, academic standards, and the Meijer Gardens mission statement.
  • Inventory, purchase and maintain classroom activities materials, working within the approved budget
  • Work closely with the Indoor Education Manager and Education Assistant to schedule field trips and create itineraries for children’s groups.
  • Train, observe and evaluate all contracted/volunteer classroom activity teachers.
  • Schedule contracted staff and/or volunteers to teach classroom activities.
  • Teach classroom activities as needed.
  • Gather, analyze, and actively incorporate feedback from groups that have participated in classroom activities to continually improve lesson plans and instruction.
  • Develop and oversee a teacher advisory committee to gather input on new and existing classroom activities.
  • Maintain educational technology in the Covenant Learning Center, ensuring the equipment is prepared for scheduled educational programs, including classroom activities; act as the lead liaison between the Education Department and IT Department regarding the use and maintenance of educational technology.
  • Research and implement current best practices in the use of educational technology in the classroom, staying up to date on available apps, new technologies, instructional methodologies, etc.
  • Assist other Education Department staff with incorporating educational technology into programming they oversee, providing training as needed.
  • Act as the lead liaison with the Communications Department to ensure that Education Department pages on the Meijer Gardens website display accurate and updated information.
  • Work with the Indoor Education Manager and the Communications Department to prepare content for blasts and social media communications informing educators of new and revised programs to be offered for schools in the Covenant Learning Center.
  • Coordinate with the Indoor Education Manager to set up and staff the Rainy Day Activity Room as needed.
  • Carry out other duties as assigned by the Indoor Education Manager and Education Director; as this is a new staff position associated with the construction of the Covenant Learning Center, the roles and responsibilities of the position will likely evolve over time.
  • Exhibit strong moral and ethical values.
  • Embrace the fact we are a non-profit institution that serves the public and that you will work with a broad and diverse group of associates, volunteers and general public. Education and/or qualifications preferred: 

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