Director of Community Relations

Metron of Forest Hills and Lamont is seeking a Director of Community Relations.

Knowledge and Abilities - Ability to identify key community relationships that will enhance the community awareness of the sub-acute level of care and criterion for qualification and placement in such level of clinical care so that the community is equipped to make an informed decision regarding placements. Be able to communicate effectively and maintain good working relations with the Community, Physicians, Administrators, Directors of Nursing, and Interdisciplinary team. Have knowledge of Medicare, Medicaid and Managed Care regulations. Understand clinical terminology used in the long term care and subacute industry.



A. Provides clinical presentations to physicians and/or physician groups.

B. Makes clinical visits to potential patients in hospitals.

C. Conducts community educational campaigns and public relations activities in support of the facilities

D. Develops key community relationships that will aid in supporting informed decisions regarding sub-acute care placement

E. Assists in the development and implementation of community educational programs for sub-acute, rehabilitation, and long term care services

F. Develops relationships with case managers and provide educational in-services

G. Provides prospective patients with appropriate information and assistance in choosing a nursing facility

H. Collaborates with referring physicians and serve as a training resource to aid education of patients regarding placement options

I. Provides community education on health care issues

J. Maintains community relations contact log

K. Performs other duties as assigned or requested, from time to time, by the supervisor or management.




Frequent travel around the communities and facilities.


Equipment used: Copy machine, computer, telephone, fax machine.




1. Physical: Will need to frequently stand and walk, squat, climb stairs, bend to the floor, reach, twist, and sit for extended periods of time. Must have eye-hand coordination sufficient to perform writing and machine operation tasks. Able to see and hear adequately in order to perform described job responsibilities for full use of arms and hands to operate various pieces of office equipment.


2. Sensory: Must be able to hear normal volume sounds and voice patterns with constant background noise. Must be able to receive and follow verbal and written instruction. Must be able to assess changes in patient conditions. Must be able to respond to audible emergency signals, alarms, call lights and telephones. Must be able to read regular/small size print in multiple colors.


3. Cognitive: Must be able to remember multiple assignments over an extended period of time. Must be able to remember data derived from assessments and document, review, specific requests, ideas and concepts and relate them as necessary. Must be able to concentrate on details during constant interruptions.


This job description is not intended to be all inclusive. The employee may be required to perform other work related tasks as assigned or requested by the supervisor. The job description is simply a communication tool and is subject to change as the needs prevail. This document is not intended to imply a written or implied contract of employment.


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