Lending Manager

This position at Grand Rapids Opportunities for Women includes responsibilities for meeting with clients accepting, loan applications preparing credit analysis, preparing to underwrite and presenting credit request to the loan committee. 

The Lending Manager will also be responsible for preparing closing documents and closing loans along with preparing loan files per company policy. This position will be responsible for working with Business Development Officers (BDO) in identification and fulfillment of technical assistance needs of clients. Technical Assistance can include financial, general business, and operational analysis. The Lending Manager will also be responsible for raising funds for operations and lending, which includes identifying and solicitation of organizations who will support GROW.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Delivers upon the organization's goal for loans and consumer products within the assigned geographic area.
  • Work with CEO and other key staff on a regular basis to review client files, assess business performance and validate collateral.
  • Provide applications to pre-vetted clients helping them collect and assemble the required information to complete the credit application.
  • Ongoing review of the loan portfolios, including risk assessment, performing collection activities on defaulted loans and balancing the portfolio.
  • Ensuring the ongoing collection of financial statements, jobs data, and economic impact data as determined by GROW's policies.
  • Recommends product upgrades, maintains awareness of which products are underperforming and assists with development or introduction of new products as applicable.
  • In collaboration with the BDO be involved in the relationship of any high risk designated borrowers.
  • Maintain yearly review of the organization's loan files including electronic and hardcopy.
  • Underwriting which includes risk analysis, reviewing client capacity and loan structuring.
  • Participate in and support loan review committee activities, documenting all loan decisions including minutes of loan committees; loan approvals and declines; loan modifications; monitoring; etc.
  • Runs quarterly risk analysis reports to present to CEO, Finance committee and Board of Directors.
  • Acts as a client point of contact for small business loans, and works with the client through the entire loan process from gathering documentation to loan closing.
  • Maintain confidentiality of client and company
  • Performance of general administrative duties.
  • Along with the CEO, the Lending Manager is responsible for implementation of growth and adhering to strategic direction as identified in GROW’s strategic action steps.
  • Focus on developing robust referral partnerships with financial institutions and other referral intermediaries to maximize deployment within target markets.
  • Leads the design, implementation, and launch of new products by working closely with CEO and other key staff to identify, recommend upgrades, and refine products that are appropriate for our target markets. Continuously aware of which products are underperforming and developing or introducing new products as applicable.
  • Keeps abreast of current lending regulations and makes recommendations to CEO and key staff as appropriate.
  • Monitor the lending environment for changes and ensure proper loan documentation and compliance with all legal regulator in funder requirements, including UCC filing and all collateral is current.
  • Works with clients in event of delinquency and makes arrangements for troubled loans that require restructuring or collections. When necessary, will use delinquent letters, legal counsel, and collection agencies to remedy these issues.
  • Provides analysis recommendations for adjustments to the loan loss reserve account.
  • Update loan client information in Salesforce and our lending database as well as any other electronic reporting files.
  • Participate in and support loan review committee activities.
  • Keeps all loan reporting current and completes quarterly and yearly reporting to our funding sources.


  • Bachelor degree in business, finance or related field preferred
  • 5 plus years of banking experience preferred
  • Experience in Small Business Commercial Lending
  • Demonstrated leadership to network with small business owners;
  • Track record of community development work
  • Experience in CDFI development
  • Strong Community Connections
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills are required
  • Strong computer skills including knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Salesforce experience is a plus

Skills Required:

  • Ability to use own initiative and pay close attention to detail.
  • Efficient, highly effective work ethic: the ability to work in fast-paced environment, ability to learn quickly.
  • Ability to work well individually, within a team, and leading a team to deliver exceptional results
  • Capable of hands-on problem-solving with the ability to generate ideas and solutions.
  • Dedication to the highest levels of quality and ethical conduct.
  • Highly proficient with computers, Internet, CRMs, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Microsoft Outlook and Salesforce.
  • Must be proficient in analyzing financial statements for nonprofit and profit oranizations.
  • Strong communication skills in all forms including written, oral, email, telephone, and
  • Ability to listen and understand client circumstances and context and respond with appropriate solutions.
  • Ability to maintain accurately tailored documentation (i.e. presentations, proposals, brochures, etc.)
  • Ability to pick up the phone and conduct cold/warm calls for meetings; ensure diligent and timely follow up

A material condition of your employment as a GROW employee is your consent and agreement to use your best efforts to provide for the security and confidentiality of the organization's resources at all times. Further, your acceptance of employment indicates that you understand and accept all requirements in the above job description. GROW is an At-Will employer. Regardless of any other written provisions, either you or GROW may terminate the employment relationship at any time, for any reason, with or without cause or notice. Nothing in any document or statement, written or oral, shall limit the right to terminate employment at-will. No officer, board member, employee, or representative of the organization is authorized to enter into an agreement — express or implied — with any employee for employment for a specified period of time unless such an agreement is in a written contract signed by the CEO.

Please submit resume and cover letter indicating salary

No phone calls or personal visits please

Job posting closes May 31

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $50,000.00 to $60,000.00 /year


  • CDFI development: 1 year
  • banking: 5 years


  • Bachelor's


  • Grand Rapids, MI

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