Welcome to 2020! Meet this year's Board Co-Chairs, Autumn and Kevin

Welcome to 2020! YNPN.GR is excited for another great year of professional development, leadership awards, and of course connecting with fellow nonprofit professionals! With the new year we wanted to take a minute to introduce you to our 2020 Board Chairs. 

Kevin Peterson | Nonprofit Services Program Coordinator, Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy | 

This is Kevin’s first year as YNPN.GR Board Co-Chair. In the past he served as a Co-Chair for Education and Programming. Kevin is an advocate for developing strong communities through resident engagement and empowerment. When not completing homework from his classes in the Master of Public Administration - Nonprofit Management & Leadership program at GVSU, you can find Kevin kayaking, walking Aman park, snowshoeing, or likely volunteering out in the community. In 2019 Kevin served as the Chapter Support Fellow for YNPN National where he provided technical assistance and coaching to the 44 chapters across the country. Kevin values YNPN.GR for its potential to both lift and support local talent by providing accessible and quality professional development and networking opportunities.

Autumn Hubbard | Annual Giving Officer, Grand Valley State University | 

This is Autumn’s 2nd year as Co-Chair of YNPN.GR. Autumn's passion is working with nonprofits to cultivate a strong, sustainable donor-base through strategic planning, communications, and development. When not nerding out on nonprofits, Autumn enjoys exploring Grand Rapids' top-notch restaurants, hiking, and volunteering. Her favorite part of YNPN.GR is the opportunity to connect with individuals from a wide range of nonprofit professions, while growing leadership skills and community collaborations. She has her Masters in Public Administration from GVSU, with a concentration in Nonprofit Management and Leadership.


What's your 2020 vision for YNPN? 

A: Last year, we focused on setting up great, consistent programming for our members and stabilizing our operational processes. With that great work continuing, I am most excited this year to be able to look at our long-term vision and desired outcomes. I want to focus on working to increase the reputation of YNPN.GR among local nonprofit employers. When a resume comes through from a YNPN.GR member, I want nonprofits to have a clear understanding of the value and impact of hiring a YNPN.GR member. I'm excited to dive deeper into this.

K: This year YNPN.GR will continue to make investments in the capacity of the board, apply an equity lens with more intention, and develop stronger relationships with community partners and members.


What are you most excited about for YNPN? 

A: In addition to the vision above, I'm most excited to have a more diverse board to work with this year. I'm excited for everyone to bring their individual experiences to the table and help us push YNPN.GR further.

K: YNPN.GR plays an important role in the talent pipeline of our community by connecting people to professional development opportunities, networks, and employers. It is exciting to assist in bridging opportunity gaps and invest in the resiliency of our community’s social sector.


What do you do when you get stressed out at work? 

A: Through YNPN.GR, I've met a few of my closest friends. When stressed out, I'm grateful I can turn to them for a short venting session or meme exchange to remind me we've all had to argue over the ROI of a physical stamp or nonprofit indicia at one point or another and life will go on. I also love taking walks.

K: So I recently bought a “happy light” it is supposed to imitate the sunlight and on gloomy days or when you’re feeling a little stressed 10minutes with it goes a long way!


Tell us about a secret hobby or guilty pleasure? 

A: Guilty pleasure -- I believe every dog looks better in a sweater (and really, all pets). If all pets could have little mini closets, I think all of our stress would go down and the world would be a better place.

K: Coffee is one of the greatest joys that was put on this good green earth, it is both a secret hobby and guilty pleasure of mine!


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