YNPN Leadership Awards Keynote Speaker - Stacy Stout

At the YNPN Leadership Awards on November 6th, our keynote speaker, Stacy Stout, Director of the Office of Equity & Engagement for the City of Grand Rapids, shared with us her 10 questions nonprofit organizations should reflect on. 

  1. What are the demographics of top leadership and of the board?
  2. Are you pushing for policy and systemic change to advance equitable opportunity for the people behind the data you use for grant submissions?
  3. Are you taking money from the very people and corporations causing inequities?
  4. Are you intentional to do business with vendors of color?
  5. Have you assessed and changed hiring and promotion processes to eliminate bias?
  6. For those that voted for tonight’s nominees, was equity & justice part of your decision?
  7. When making decisions, ask who benefits? And not trickle down benefits, but truly and directly benefits. Who might be burdened by this decision?
  8. Who is closest to the pain? What are you doing to bring them closest to the power and decision-making?
  9. Who framed the problem you are trying to solve? Who decided the course of action to address that problem?
  10. You pay consultants – How are you investing in the wisdom and context expertise of residents and the community you serve?

She asked each of us to reflect on these questions for our organizations.

"Where are you doing well? Where might you need to grow?"

Thank you, Stacy, for challenging and motivating us as nonprofit professionals! 

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